In October 2011, I began a series on which I titled, OnBecomingAMan.

Four months prior to this, I had attended the Men’s Convocation, a biennial men’s conference hosted by Peace House Ministries at their Bethany Resort campground in Gboko Benue State, where I had been posted to serve Nigeria under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. In the last few days at the NYSC camp in Wanune, I had got wind of the programme and decided to attend alongside a few other members of the NCCF.

The 3-day programme blessed me in tremendous ways even as I listened the men of God share important truths from the scripture. I left Gboko with the resolve to be a better man going forward. I made copious notes and continued to refer to them. I also began to read some of the books I had bought at the meeting.

There is an important call upon the lives of men to leadership in their personal lives, for their families, and ultimately the nation. This site is a place to begin where such can be shared and encouraged.

This is the start of a beautiful journey.

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