We must never sacrifice true conversion for growth in our ministries. If we do, it may seem to expand, but we will find out later on that we are surrounded by people who cage and imprison you rather than allow you do those things that are in your heart.

Secondly, when there is no true conversion, the people are shallow. They will be more invested in the social aspects of the ministry rather than the spiritual industry. They will seek to occupy visible positions and, by so doing, set the tone for the culture of the church. Once you lose a proper culture, you have lost everything.

Others who come in will follow their pattern because it is what is visible to them and, therefore, it seems those are the traits the organization promotes. This all happens while the leader is now weeping in his heart wondering how he can get himself out of the quagmire.

These people are also highly prone to getting offended if any changes are made that makes them seem to have lost “power”. Power is really what their motive is and nothing else. They get deeply offended when their hidden expectations are not met. They will never voice out those hidden expectations for they know they are not right, but they will act on them putting a veil over others that their true motives is something really spiritual.

Maybe, in the Church, we sacrificed discipleship for growth; that may just be the true hidden problem. Let us follow the process of the Spirit so we give birth to Isaac’s rather than arrange Ishmael’s.