There is an epidemic in the land
A real epidemic!

The epidemic of missing fathers!
The epidemic of present, yet absent, fathers
Fathers taken over in adulterous affairs
Fathers taken over in emotional affairs
Fathers swallowed up in the pursuit of money
Fathers who are missing at their duty post as priest, prophet and king

The epidemic of preying, wounded mothers.
Women who have been plagued by the epidemic of absent fathers turn to the husbands of other women to find solace and the chain reaction continues as they cause the husbands they draw attention from to become missing in their own homes.

The epidemic of adulterous mothers;
who prey on other husbands, due to the inability of their husbands to be enough for them

Women who have become “fathers” and chief-commander-of-the-home, causing the men to become passive and ineffective

Marriage seems to be the target at the surface
Marriages seem to be what is broken
But look closely, the target is her seed, broken confused children who are the products of the epidemic

The only stable form of security they have has been shaken

They live in a beautiful house with no roof.

They are left to the elements to devour

Children who are angry and feel responsible for the pains of their parents marriages
Children with a broken sense of identity
Children with a damaged form of esteem
Children with broken emotions embracing inordinate passions to fill the gaping wounds in their soul

We can’t turn away from marriage as God intended and not expect consequences.
Lord, we intercede for our land, we intercede for marriages

Heal us Lord from where we are broken.

Heal our land; heal our marriages! Heal our families!