It’s a New Year! We are glad to welcome you to our first post of this year. It is most times a custom that every new year, we set up new goals to achieve for that year. In setting those goals, it is important that you aim to acquire a new skill, maybe a few more.

A skill set is a combination of abilities, qualities, and experiences you can apply to perform tasks well. These can include soft skills such as interpersonal skills, organization, and leadership as well as technical skills such as research, computer programming, accounting writing and more. Developing your skillset can enhance your chances of achieving set goals for the year.

Why is it Important?

  1. For Personal Growth

Acquiring skill in a particular area will not only enhance your knowledge of that area but also help in developing your personality. This is because, by virtue of acquiring that skill, you have passed through several stages that have in one way made you a better person.

  1. For Career Advancement

For a career person, you should be conscious of always adding a new skill to your set of skills. This will help you in your career journey. Acquiring a new skill will also make you stand out in the midst of colleagues and friends.

  1. For Better Employment Opportunities

Sometimes it is not the degree that one has that distinguishes him/her for a job. The skill you possess and the level of proficiency can also be the difference between you getting the job as against the other person. Adding a new skill can definitely help in giving you a better chance at employment. Recruiters are most times looking for job seekers who can immediately adapt to roles, and this can only be possible if they have equipped themselves with the necessary skills needed for that role.

How to Develop a new skill

  1. Set goals

Setting specific goals to improve your career helps you stay on track with your development. Make sure your goals are measurable, achievable and relevant to your profession or your goals. Then, consider organizing a timeline to achieve your goal by setting a beginning and end date, as well as smaller goals to achieve along the way.

  1. Review job descriptions for positions you want

These job descriptions will give you an idea of the transferable skills you have, as well as the job-specific skills you will need. Once you identify the skills you need, you can research job shadowing or education programs that can provide you with the necessary skill set to transition into that position.

  1. Take continuing education courses in career-related fields.

These courses are often taught by professionals with experience in their field. For some professions, continuing education courses are required to stay current in the industry. Many colleges and universities offer continuing education courses in a variety of fields.

As you go into the new year, kindly make it a priority for you to add a new skill to your skillset. As stated above, it helps in developing your personality, career, and employment chances.