A business is set up to be productive to the owner, and when this is not the case, that business will not only be less productive but also lowering the bottom line. Sometimes, the resources to thrive might not be readily available, but a good business owner will surely know how to bring out productivity with the limited resources available. However, for a business owner who is just starting up, we will be sharing several ways to improve your productivity irrespective of your business condition.

Leverage technology

It shouldn’t be heard that a business running in this century and wants to last the test of time doesn’t operate with the use of technology. Nowadays consumers don’t walk into a stall to purchase an item, they prefer being in the comfort of their home and making their purchasing decisions. Introducing technology to your business doesn’t necessarily mean you should open a website, which can incur more cost for an entrepreneur who is just starting up. Social media in this generation is a rampant tool that the youths and even adults make use of, and as an entrepreneur, taking advantage of this resource will help boost exposure for your business awareness and productivity. According to Statista, as of 2018, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 136 minutes per day, up from 135 minutes in the previous year. With this statistic, it is clear that a business doesn’t really need a website to push productivity.

Align on organization workflow

Implement an organization system for tracking employee responsibilities and workloads. Such systems can be designed to help teams communicate regularly and effectively about long-term projects or goals. Scrum, for example, has teams meet daily to discuss their workloads from the previous day, the workloads for the coming day and any impediments they face. These discussion points allow the team to both sync on responsibilities and collectively find ways to overcome roadblocks.

By having your teams internally aligned and operating consistently, you will save both time and resources that can now be spent on building healthy client relationships and completing projects.

Use efficient communication tools

Modern workers are quite comfortable with all kinds of communication tools, from text messaging and online chats to older style electronic formats such as email and bulletin boards. Business owners can harness the power of communication to enhance productivity by simply providing workers with the right tools. Adding a work-friendly instant messaging program allows employees to communicate with one another without wasting time with desk visits and missed connections. Using the calendar features of an email program makes scheduling meetings faster, easier and more productive. By harnessing these tools, business owners can enhance productivity and cut costs.