The twenty-first century has seen modifications in the roles of men and women in the society, and particularly in the marital union. Education of the girl child and the availability of numerous socio-economic development opportunities for young women have seen the rise of the female gender in power, influence and prominence across the globe. This is great. However, for numerous reasons, the men who are traditionally seen as heads of the home, in many cases, have failed to measure up in providing qualitative leadership in their homes and it appears many men grow up without adequate preparation to shoulder the responsibility of leading a home rightly.

Even as women are groomed to become better positioned to excel in all facets of life, their male counterparts are seemingly being neglected and left to chart their own course in life mostly unguarded. The result is a generation of men who cannot truly chart the right course for their own families (when they choose to have any); neither can many of them handle their wives’ success and socio-economic development. Many have become molesters and brutal ‘competitors’ with their wives and this has continued to shake the foundation of the most fundamental institution in the world – increasing heartbreaks, separation and number of divorce cases tell the tale. Dysfunctional homes are ubiquitous too.

In simple and effective language, Gbile Akanni distills wisdom for the discerning. He often balances both ends of the argument, giving timely caution and objectively tackling the very basic yet very important issues. “The Dignity of Manhood” is a book I hope every man would read with an open heart and consider. I leave you with brief excerpts from the book:

“If you put authority in the hands of a madman, there will be problems. This is where the matter is… God is expecting that the man will hear Him and be a correct head. As the head, God expects him to be ahead – in vision, in prayer, in consecration, in submission to the will of God, in sacrifice… When you overrule those things that your wife ought to become for God, that she does not become because you so did, you are not only going to give account for your own irresponsibility as a man, you will also give account for hindering her from becoming what she should have been in the purpose of God… When a man has not developed himself, when a man has not grown in grace, his wife will find it difficult to grow… Pastoral ministry will be effective when every man helps the pastor by ‘pastoring’ his own family… God is depending on the man to make his wife a woman of honour.”

In a world where many men have struggled to find their true identity and have often failed, Gbile Akanni’s book holds the promise of restoration for many men, their families and communities world over.

Title: The Dignity of Manhood

Author: Gbile Akanni

Pages: 151

Category: Leadership & Family

ISBN: 978-978-48049-2-9

Publisher: Peace House Publications

Date of Publication: (August 2007)

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