It’s the last quarter of the year, and most of us will soon be due for annual review. It is time to check the books and get weighed on different scales – career, family, faith, health, relationships, business, finance and investment. Many will shudder and be forced to listen to the inevitable: “You have been weighed. You have been measured. You have been found wanting!” Others will receive the “thank you” note, possibly with some bonus cheque for their stellar performance. For the prudent and the spendthrift, bank account balance and statements will tell the tale. Incessant phone calls from creditors can give a defaulting family man a heart attack.

Hopefully, there might still be a reprieve for workers who have failed to meet organizational targets. Maybe it’s not totally their fault, but the manager has spoken, “This must not repeat itself, stupid. This is your last warning!” Some heads are high and looking up; others are heavy and hanging downwards in shame and tears. Everyone has put in efforts, but not everyone is there yet. You have invested a lot and the returns have been low and slow in coming back to you. Hold on, today’s post is for you – a quick one.

Have you ever failed? Ever been at the end of your tether? Not every situation requires that you go start from the beginning again. What if you have only been trying to get a different result by repeating the same routine procedures; you might not need to reformat your stuff or destroy what you’ve got now. All you need could just be to tweak your system and style of doing things a little bit. Take a step back and relax. Breathe in and let the air out slowly. Be bold and courageous. Banish fear and inertia by focusing on inner peace. Do remember: a bold face is not equivalent to boldness!

Many of our failures are often vestiges of times and challenges past. Like the experimental fishes that were caged within a glass boundary – we soon get used to old obstacles that we fail to realize when they are removed. We refuse to push one more time and fail to ride on the wings of success. There are glass ceilings to shatter and there are territories yet unconquered. Please, take note.

Today, friend, refuse to let your circumstances fool you. They can’t steal your joy. Don’t let the challenges blindfold you. See through it all; yank off that dark veil and do have a rethink. This is not the time for you to put down your tools and give up in the pursuit of your goals. They don’t have to be reasonable to everyone; not all the time. Come on! You have come ‘a mighty long way’ – through trials and tribulations; sorrow and pain; famine and abundance.

Have you heard of the man who could not achieve much with his inherited land and ended up selling it off at a paltry sum, just to meet his basic needs? When the buyer later found a gold mine therein, this man could not stand the humiliation he faced in the neighbourhood. He took his own life. Of course, that could not have been the way forward. You most probably heard that gist before. Please, don’t lose sight of the lessons. Stick to your plan and don’t give up for flimsy reasons. l love to see you succeed. Give it your best shot yet.

Just. One. More. Push!