Whether we like it or not, wristwatches usually say a lot about you. Be it expensive or not. There are a lot of wristwatch rules that applied decades ago, that are irrelevant today.

4 wristwatch rules we are debunking today are:

  1. Never mix gold and silver

This is pretty obvious. Now you have so many wristwatches with gold and silver. It’s understandable that matching metals were seen as faux pas. But we now live in a world where people wear gold trainers with wings on them, so some contrast on your wrist shouldn’t get high society a-flap. When mixed well, they look really good.

  1. Great watches come from heritage brands

This isn’t true. Fashion brands do not necessarily have to meet the prestige and craftsmanship of a luxury Swiss watchmakers. Nowadays they invested time and money into building world-class manufactures. Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Hermès, etc. now build their own timepieces in their own factories in Switzerland and employ world-class watchmakers. So Swiss watches aren’t just the best anymore. Take caution, though, there are a lot of fakes out there. You know this anyway.

  1. Real men wear Automatic Wristwatches

So so not true. Real men don’t wear automatic, rich men do. They are so expensive, whhhattt!!! In this times of recession… there is no need to spend money on Swiss wristwatches which do not help you in any way.

  1. A man is judged by his wristwatch

This isn’t particularly true anymore. Men used to be judged by the labels on their wrists, but this isn’t so true anymore at least amongst most people. A wristwatch nowadays, serves just the purpose of telling the time and being a fashion statement, there are so many good brands put there that won’t cut your throat. Some are even better than the good old Swiss old school.

Do you have any other to add?